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Wow,Looks like I am the first one to use this page. An honor.

Here is the workflow I would like to do - I have a Agilent MicroGC 490 (Varian 4900) that produces .run files, Varian format. I can export these to NETCDF format. I have exported one as a trial and have not found the proper method for seeing and importing a NETCDF - PLEASE ADVISE!

Once I get over this hurdle, I intend to use your excellent software to re-do all my calibration tables based on much better integration capabilities of OpenChrom; once I have these improved calibrations, I want to use OpenChrom and some Python scripts I will develop (or maybe one of your add-ins if it works more or less equivalently) to reprocess all my chromatogram files to tables of results that add up to something like 100%.

Hope this makes sense.


Jack Fisher

Hi Jack,

NetCDF files can usually be opened with OpenChrom without any problems. But even NetCDF files are sometimes not "proper" NetCDF files, i.e. the format specifications were not exactly followed. Could you send us a test file? We will have a closer look if we can open the file. Then we will give you a feedback and/or an instruction how to open the file.

Best regards, Andreas


Will do!