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OpenChrom 1.2.0 “Alder“

The community edition now ships all stable incubator plugin projects by default.

  • New prototypes for instrumental microbiology:
    • GeneIdent as well as .ab1 file format support
    • OpenTyper view and support for Bruker BioTyper extensions of the .fid MALDI-TOF MS file format as well as a CSV peak list export
  • Bookmark support for Chromatogram and Mass Spectrum File Explorer

OpenChrom 1.1.0 “Diels”

OpenChrom 1.1.0.png
  • Adaptive UI for less button and menu clutter
  • File format plugins pre-installed
  • Support for the calculation of internal standards (ISTD)
  • Retention Index support to calculate AMDIS *.cal files
  • Enhanced AMDIS *.msl library editing support
  • Improved connectors to AMDIS and the NIST-DB
  • Peak labels for annotations (e.g. substance names)

OpenChrom 1.0.0 “Aston” GA

adds various improvements and new data converters.

OpenChrom 0.9.0 “Mattauch” GA

OpenChrom 0.8.0 “Dempster”

first release based on Eclipse 4

OpenChrom 0.7.0 “Nernst”

Several improvements are included, e.g.:

  • Varian (*.xms) converter
  • Shimadzu (*.qgd) converter
  • OpenChrom (*.ocb) converter to store chromatograms, peaks and identification results
  • Groovy-Script support
  • Improved reporting functionality
  • Chromatogram heatmaps
  • Improved chromatogram and peak database support

OpenChrom 0.6.0 “Synge”

  • Varian *.SMS converter (experimental)
  • Basic mzXML support for the 3.1 and 3.2 specifications
  • Peak identification batch support for peaks modelled by PARAFAC/MCR algorithms
  • Chromatogram database plug-in
  • PDF and ZIP chromatogram export capabilities
  • Export chromatogram peaks to *.msp format, which can be loaded by the NIST-DB
  • Better process feedback
  • Completely reworked marketplace
  • Full update functionality

OpenChrom 0.5.0 “Martin”

Openchrom-version 0-5-0 martin2.png
  • Finnigan ITS40 file import converter
  • CSV chromatogram file export/import converter
  • Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx) chromatogram export converter
  • OpenOffice/Microsoft Office connectors
  • Sumarea integrator
  • View/Editor image snapshot tool
  • Retention time shift filter
  • CODA filter
  • Backfolding filter