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OpenChrom requires a valid internet connection to install additional plug-ins from the marketplace or to fetch updates. But sometimes there's no internet connection available or the internet connection is blocked. Anyhow, there is a workaround available how to install OpenChrom on computers without internet access. But you'll need at least one external computer with internet connectivity to install a valid version of OpenChrom and an USB stick to transfer the application to the computer without internet connection.


  • one computer with internet access [A]
  • USB stick to transfer OpenChrom to the computer without internet access [B]

Initial installation of OpenChrom [A]

Please install OpenChrom regularly on the computer with internet connection. A description how to install OpenChrom is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. In a further step, please install the requires additional plug-in from the marketplace and/or fetch updates if needed.

Download Java 7 (JRE) [A]

The Java 7 Runtime Environment (JRE) is also needed on the offline computer. If the Java 7 (JRE) is not installed yet on the offline computer, please download an appropriate offline installation paket for your operating system.

Copy OpenChrom and the JRE to the USB stick [A]

Please copy the installation directory and the downloaded offline JRE setup to an appropriate USB stick.

Copy the application folder OpenChrom:


Install the JRE from the USB stick [B]

If Java 7 is not available on the offline computer, please use the copied JRE setup to install an appropriate Java version.

Install OpenChrom from the USB stick [B]

Because OpenChrom is a Java application it can be executed without being installed explicitly. Please copy the OpenChrom folder from the USB stick to a folder on the offline computer. OpenChrom can be started now by using the openchrom executable. But there is no integration in the operating system menu entry dialog available. It must be added manually. Furthermore, the uninstaller will not work properly. OpenChrom must be removed manually if required.


Please note

  • The marketplace is not available in offline mode
  • It's not possible to install updates in offline mode
  • Some plug-ins may not work that require internet connectivity
  • The uninstaller will not work properly