Installation of data converters and other plug-ins

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Prerequisites for plug-in installation

Before any installation of plug-ins, the OpenChrom software needs to be successfully installed.
Note, that the new preview release 1.1.0 "Diels" is already bundled with most plug-ins including the import converters.
So any subsequent installation of converters in order to open your data is not necessary.

Installation procedure

For all OpenChrom versions higher and equal to 1.1.0 most plug-ins are already bundled and do not need to be installed after OpenChrom installation. Some plug-ins still remain, which have to be installed as described below.
For all OpenChrom versions prior to 1.1.0 all plug-ins including the import converters for the various formats are installed from within the software:
open the OpenChrom software, go to "Plug-ins" in the menu bar and select "Marketplace" in the drop-down menu. Here all available plug-ins can be accessed, checked and installed. You do not need any serial key for a trial period of 30 days. After that you need to be registered as a user and enter a serial key. After registration the use of the converters remains free. To get the keys, go directly to our Marketplace or access the marketplace via our website (menu bar>Software>Plugins) and request the keys you need one by one. For the first requested key you will be asked to log-in. If you haven't created an account yet, please create one at this point. This allows you to generate a key which you can paste into the window requesting it when actions are performed with OpenChrom requiring the respective plug-in. Alternatively you can enter the keys directly in the settings/preferences via the menu bar, e.g. to enter the key for the Agilent MSD converter: > Windows > Preferences > Chromatography/Spectrometry > Converter > Converter MSD > Agilent MS Converter.