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Direct access to data

OpenChrom is capable to natively read various proprietary and open file formats and also to save data to a number of open formats. But note, these vendor format readers (import converters) are not included in the initial OpenChrom installation because they are kept proprietary but free to use. They need to be installed afterwards as free plug-ins. Details about plug-in installation are given here. Check out our marketplace to find out which converters are currently supported. At the moment our focus is still on processing of data from mass spectral detectors, but also data from some other detectors can be handeled already and increasingly more data file types will be accessible in future releases. Several FID data formats have been recently added. DAD data handling is still in an experimental stage. Don't hesitate to ask us for more details.

Software workbench concept

OpenChrom follows the concept of having many different perspectives and views (with some of them being already open as blank views at start) for the data analysis and visualisation. Views are single windows designed for a specific purpose, e.g. display of extracted ions, manual integration of single peaks, display of mass spectrum at a selected scan. Perspectives are compilations of several views, which are opened simultaneously, as they are regarded to be useful or necessary to perform a selected task, e.g. the "Chromatogram Peaks" perspective will open views for the peak list, peak display for selected peak, mass spectrum of selected peak and peak targets, which is populated if peaks have been identified. Here you can find out, how to access the various views and perspectives.


If you have problems with the familiarization to the software tool, please have a closer look at our Wiki. The help manual accessible via the question mark (?) icon or from the menu bar 'help' within the software are still under construction. If the Wiki is missing the answer to your problem, contact us to let us know.