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Starting OpenChrom

When you launch OpenChrom a Welcome screen opens which let you select between several options (see details in the image below). If you are not familiar with OpenChrom, we recommend to open the demo chromatogram ("Run Demo").

Run demo

"Run Demo" opens a demo chromatogram which is supplied with OpenChrom. It is saved in our own data format "*.ocb", which is capable to save the processed data file, hence it includes, next to the chromatogram manipulation, the information on the detected, integrated and identified peaks.

Get data converters and other plug-ins

For this see this section.

Open a chromatogram

OpenChrom tries to make it as easy as possible to open chromatograms. The chromatogram file explorer marks all importable chromatograms with a red icon. Hence, it will autodetect the appropriate file import converter. ( Supported file formats)

  • Preview - a left mouse click opens a preview of the chromatogram
  • Editor - a double left mouse click opens the chromatogram and shows it in the editor

See also how to save a chromatogram.

Save a chromatogram

Depending on the installed plug-ins, OpenChrom allows to export chromatograms to different file formats. You can use also the batch process to convert chromatograms to different file formats.

Show perspectives

OpenChrom arranges views in so called perspectives. The concept makes it possible to have certain kind of views on your data, depending on what you're actually need.

Show views

OpenChrom is highly customizable. Hence, view and perspectives can be organized in a user specific way. To open or to add views to an existing perspective, launch the view selection dialog in the lower left of the application.

Show chromatograms in selected, combined and excluded ion mode

OpenChrom makes it possible to show a chromatogram from different points of view. There are views available to show the chromatogram selection in selected, combined or excluded ion chromatogram mode.


The preference dialog is accessible through the menu: