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As mentioned here some settings can be changed to affect all relevant graphics (Preferences dialog) and some settings can only be changed for each view separately.

Change global settings in the preferences dialog

In order to change some global settings for the appearance of the graphs in the various views the dialog „Editor/View Preference Page“ is available:

  1. You can adjust how detected peaks are displayed in the Chromatogram Editor.
  2. You can choose whether the chromatographic background (y-axis starting at abundance of zero) shall be included for the display in the Chromatogram Editor or hidden (y-axis offset). This is particularly helpful for chromatograms with large background in comparison with peak height.
  3. You can decide if you want the area below the chromatographic profiles being filled with color. It may be helpful to uncheck this option for chromatogram overlay display.
  4. For the display of mass spectra you can change the maximum number of m/z traces to be labeled. Alternatively, you may check „Use modulo display“ which adjusts the number of labeled m/z traces dynamically in dependence of total number of traces.
  5. You may change the line color for the chromatogram and/or mass spectra display. Additionally, for the display of overlayed chromatograms you may select between different color schemes.
  6. This option should be checked if you prefer the y-axis of the Chromatogram Editor to adjust dynamically in dependence of the highest peak in the current retention time window.