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The batch processor can be used for different purposes. It is designed in a flexible way. All available plug-ins will be fetched at runtime, hence the functionality of the batch processor depends on the installed OpenChrom version and the additionally installed plug-ins. Also all current settings/parameters adjusted under Preferences are used in the batch process. Note, that additional plug-ins can be installed from the [OpenChrom Marketplace].
There are three options to access the batch processor:

  1. Access the processor via the menu bar: Chromatogram > Processors > Batch Process
  2. Access the processor via the icon Icon BatchProcess.png
  3. Access the processor via the project explorer

In order to run a batch process a project folder has to be created where all the processed data will be stored.

How to access the batch process via the menu bar

How to access the batch process via the project explorer

  1. Open the view "Project Explorer"
  2. Right-click in the explorer
  3. Select New | Project | Analysis Project and name it as you like
  4. Open a Batch Process Job via the Quick-access bar or the Select View icon
  5. Select the files to process and edit the batch workflow.

For more details feel free to contact us until.
One of the video tutorials may help, but note, that it was made on the basis of a previous release. Some sections of the work flow are outdated.

How to set up a batch process